Why Mānuka?

MĀNUKA HONEY is one of the most unique and beneficial forms of honey in the world. In 1981, researchers at the New Zealand University of Waikato discovered that Mānuka Honey has a considerably higher level of enzymes than regular honey and identified its active agent, methylglyoxal (MGO)—the concentration of which is widely measured in the industry to determine the potency of what’s in the jar. These enzymes create a natural hydrogen peroxide that works as an antibacterial.

The literature makes it clear that Mānuka is no fringe therapy; along with anti-inflammatory effects, the honey has incredible value as a wound dressing—with efficacy even against antibiotic-resistant microbes. Mānuka Honey benefits are wide, including helping with digestive issues; low stomach acid; treating acne and eczema; combatting Staph infections; treating burns, wounds and ulcers; preventing tooth decay and gingivitis; improving sore throats and immunity and helping with allergies. Mānuka Honey is a beautiful raw resource for using as a beauty and skincare product – our favorite way to use ACTIVIST is straight out of the jar for a nightly face mask and also as a face cleanser!


We believe that our customers and friends more than ever, want to understand what the product they are buying is made up of, or measured against, and they should be able to understand this within 10 seconds.

The MGO scale is simple in the fact that it is testing and certifying for the amount of MGO = Methylglyoxal; which represents the active enzymes and health properties found in our Mānuka Honey. As an example our ACTIVIST 850+MGO represents that there is a minimum of 850mg of Methylglyoxal per kg tested and certified in our Mānuka Honey. It’s very clean and simple and easy for our customer to understand. Each and everyone of our products is tested and certified in New Zealand and has this marking on our jar and label.

Harvesting Sustainability

Beyond our personal endeavors for enjoying the ocean, the native environment and wanting our future generation to be able to enjoy this too; harvesting sustainability is the right thing to do, not the cool thing to do. In essence this affects the results of our Mānuka Honey as well as bee health and our overall environment! Our hives are located in unique, pristine and isolated regions of New Zealand, which is typically a great start for the bee’s health as these locations are free of GMOs and urban toxins. It is also crucial that we do not overpopulate our locations with many hives. We keep our hives at lower numbers in these dense locations and what this does is encourage the bees to flourish and pollinate for ethical harvesting and productivity; but most importantly bee health. Activist Manuka is not dictated by commodity, but by passion for the greater ecosystem. After all, bees are our local heroes and they are truly our environmental indicators!