Skin Health For The Ocean Lover

By Activist
November 15, 2021

Skin Health For The Ocean Lover
With the release of our ACTIVIST Mānuka Surfer’s Honey 50+MGO, we have written a special piece specifically for the soul surfer and ocean loving community. If you spend a lot of time in the sun or in the ocean, then this article is essential for you!

We have adapted a list of ways to combat skin damage from the sun from our friend, medical herbalist and health practitioner Molly Helfend's recommendations. We have listed herbs to take internally via tincture, supplements or powder; foods to consume on a daily basis; healthy everyday habits for skin protection, before and after you head into the water; and some tips on how to minimize damage from a sunburn.


Sea Buckthorn

This berry revitalizes Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, reduces the appearance of aging skin, restores elasticity, and prevents free radicals from entering the body.

Marine Phytoplankton

It is a micro-algae single-celled organism that is referred to as a superfood of superfoods. Marine Phytoplankton creates over 90% of the earth’s oxygen supply and it deactivates a free radical called superoxide in the body. It combats ozone UV radiation; contains trace minerals, chlorophyll, essential amino acids, DHA, EPA, carotenoids, antioxidants, nucleic acid and vitamins; oxygenates and detoxifies the body; and provides liver support and healthy cell regeneration. If you are looking for a solution to combine ozone UV radiation from the ocean, look no further than the ocean itself. TIP ~ combine with spirulina powder in a smoothie for amazing results!


This famous root is highly anti-inflammatory, and protects skin cells from ultraviolet radiation.

Chaga Mushroom

Chaga reverses the effects of sun damage because it contains melanin and beta-glucans. These special beta-glucans allow the body to recognize and label problematic cells such as skin cancer cells.

Tremella Mushroom

Tremella contains polysaccharides that hydrate and plump the skin from aging and damage.

Horsetail and Nettle

Drink these tonic herbs as a tea in the morning, afternoon or night. They are rich in silica and high in B vitamins. We like boiling a large batch at night, keeping it in the fridge overnight, and then drinking it as an iced tea with Mānuka Honey after a long surf.

Blue Tansy

Studies have shown that the presence of camphor in blue tansy oil can effectively aid in the restoration of damaged skin. It has beautiful calming properties as an after-sun treatment and soothes irritated skin. Blue Tansy is found in our Green Botanical Serum.

Eat the rainbow! Making sure your body absorbs the proper vitamins and minerals is essential for skin health. It is the only way to fight off disease and aging as well.

Foods to Eat

Eat the rainbow! Making sure your body absorbs the proper vitamins and minerals is essential for skin health. It is the only way to fight off disease and aging as well.

Wild blueberries and acai are rich in antioxidants needed for healthy skin rejuvenation. Asparagus and artichokes are rich in silica and great liver detoxification to get rid of free radicals from the sun. Citrus, kiwi, avocado, sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin C and E for healthy immune system and skin health.

Your body also needs beta carotene and lypocene to fight sun damage. Beta carotene is great for fighting free radicals and when you provide these to your body, the liver can send carotene-rich blood through to the subcutaneous fat up to the dermis of the skin. Lypocene neutralizes free radicals from the sun and is a cancer preventative phytonutrient. Mango, papaya, mamey sapote, sweet potatoes, raspberries, carrots, melons and leafy greens are rich in beta carotene and watermelon and tomato are rich in lycopene.

Make sure to also stay away from inflammatory foods such as fried foods, dairy, gluten, pork, canola oil, corn and soy and limit your caffeine intake, as it dehydrates your skin. It’s also not only what you eat, but what you drink! Make sure to drink copious amounts of filtered water, spring water, coconut water, fresh watermelon juice, lemon water, and herbal teas throughout the day.

Chemical sunscreens typically contain two to six of the following ingredients: oxybenzone, octinoxate, ayobenzone, octocrylene and homosalate. Studies have shown that these ingredients mimic naturally occurring bodily hormones and can cause cancer. It is also very important to note their devastation on coral reefs.

Everyday Habits

Raw Mānuka Honey

Use our Mānuka Honey Mask externally as a weekly mask and daily face wash to help combat sun damage. Use our Raw Mānuka Honey, internally for cellular skin health.

Pomegranate Extract

If you are extra worried or it is a particularly sunny day, add pomegranate extract to your natural zinc sunscreen to increase the SPF production.

Oils and Creams

Keep your skin hydrated, quenched and glowing all day long with Green Botanical Serum.

Zinc Sulfate

Take zinc sulfate supplement or tincture internally to protect your skin from the inside out.

Zinc-based Sunscreen

Stick to zinc or zinc-sunscreens.

When You Get Sunburnt

Raw Mānuka Honey

Slather Mānuka Honey Mask to neutralize the heat and prevent aging/scarring.

Aloe Vera and Ionic Zinc

Use a combination of fresh aloe vera leaf and ionic zinc water on your skin to speed healing and cool the burn. Follow with our soothing Green Botanical Serum.

Cleavers and Chickweed

Drink these teas for lymphatic drainage and internal cooling to get rid of the toxins quickly ~ your body will thank you for this!