Immune Support

These rare and thoughtfully aged mono-floral Raw Mānuka Honeys are full of antibacterial properties and active enzymes straight from Mother Nature. A perfect staple for daily immune support. Activist Mānuka Honey works symbiotically to restore and nourish the immune system thanks to Manuka’s highly active compound, Methylglyoxal (MGO).

Clean Beauty

The True Cellular Beautician. Activist Mānuka is the quintessential antidote for any skin issue. It’s a must in your beauty cabinet, and as a part of a natural clean beauty ritual. Mānuka Honey is extremely hydrating, promotes skin regeneration, repairs cellular damage, calms inflammation and lessens the appearance of scars. Backed by science. Use as a weekly face mask, daily cleanser, spot treatment and wound healer. 


Infuse Activist Mānuka Honey into your seasonal whole-food diet and energetic lifestyle. Perfect for daily immune support and a great addition to your superfood smoothies, tonic teas, juices and meals, or straight off the spoon for ongoing health and wellness.
“I have struggled with chronic acne most of my life and throughout my healing journey Activist Mānuka Honey 1000+MGO has always been my saving grace because it has brought comfort to my skin. Activist Mānuka Honey is by far my favorite skincare product that I can't be without!”
— Jackie Lee Gibbs @myskintruth
"Words can’t even express enough how you warmed my heart with so much love when I opened the box of Mānuka Honey. My whole family uses the honey on a daily basis as part of our vitamin routine. It has helped with my son's allergies, and I believe kept us healthy so far. I take the 1000+MGO every day and my teenagers and husband take the 850+MGO."
— Lisa M, California
"Your Mānuka Honey is superior by far to anything else on the market. I would recommend your product to anyone. It cured my ulcers and has been instrumental in eradicating stomach infection. A great alternative to horrible antibiotics. Thank you."
— Martin O.
"We have five little ones (ranging from 2 to 14) and we have been using your 850+MGO daily for sunburns, cuts, my nightly face mask etc. I cannot say enough amazing things about it! I have the 100+MGO which we use for all our food needs; just love you all and your products! Thank you for keeping our family healthy!"
— Shelah A & Family.
“I have been using your ACTIVIST Mānuka 850+MGO for face masks the past two weeks for my skin and I could cry from happiness. I have been struggling with acne and I’ve tried everything. After using your honey, my skin is so much more even, no redness. And no breakouts. This is magic.”
— Taylr Anne @taylranne