Esthetician Approved: Elizabeth Carter

By Activist
March 31, 2024

Woman wearing face mask holds flower up to her eye

An interview with Elizabeth Carter of Honest Rituals

Elizabeth opened and created Honest Rituals in Topanga for the natural woman seeking holistic beauty rituals. From a young age she was curious about the elusive "secret" to beautiful skin which led her to find her own space and perspective within the industry. Today, she divides her time between Topanga and her second studio location in Kauai.

How did you become an esthetician?

My journey in esthetics started at a young age. I was always so fascinated with the beauty realm of potions, elixirs and remedies. With every brand claiming they had the best and newest remedies to heal your skin, I wanted to know what actually does create skin health.

Is it using topical products, is it getting facials monthly, is it your diet, is it your mindset, what do I look for in skincare ingredients? All these questions were swirling in my mind with no actual answer!

So I decided to became an esthetician at the age of 20. From there on I had a colorful career working in different spa settings ranging from med spas, to holistic skin and wellness spaces until getting the call to open up my own and current skin studio — Honest Rituals

What is your own personal skincare regime?

Simple – to put it one word. Remember less is more when it comes to skincare and the less you do, the more your skin comes back into homeostasis.

Right now I am loving cleansing my skin with Odacites cleansing water, and using the ACTIVIST Mānuka Honey Mask as a mask/cleanser followed by Marie Veronique’s C + E Ferulic serum and Marie Veronique’s Barrier restore serum.

First thing you do every morning?

Drink a big glass jar of spring water infused with something citrus or herbs in the sunshine.

Skin care advice you find yourself repeating?

Less is more!! And to start oil cleansing to reset your skin's microbiome.

Tips for aging?

Welcome the wrinkles, you earned them. However premature aging can be avoided with the sculpting facial massage, the right skin potions, a peaceful mindset and a healthy colorful living diet.

Favorite skin care ingredient?


Thoughts on the skin care industry right now?

I love all these new clean and green skincare brands popping up! Just be sure to check that the quality is behind the product.

How do you incorporate ACTIVIST Mānuka Honey into your own personal routine?

I use the Mānuka Honey Mask as a cleanser and a mask 2-3 times a week. It’s helped heal my dermatitis that popped up when I became pregnant. I mix the mask with some organic turmeric powder and it heals it overnight.