Chef Endorsed: Line Bak Rothstein

By Activist
June 17, 2024

Woman holding a baby in the kitchen

An interview with Line Bak Rothstein
Image credit: @line.bak

Line Bak Rothstein is a chef and new mother residing in Copenhagen with her husband and their 5-month-old daughter. Line's journey with food began as a rebellion for healthy eating in her youth and evolved into a passion and career dedicated to nourishing others, especially mothers and children, through her work at a Waldorf nursery and kindergarten.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I live in Copenhagen with my husband Oscar and my 5 month old daughter, Bea and have just become a mother for the first time. I love to care for other mothers and kids through cooking. I’m currently on maternity leave; I work as a chef in a Waldorf nursery and kindergarten in the forest north of Copenhagen.

What role has food & cooking played in your life?

I’m in awe of food. To eat healthy and produce good, organic quality was kind of a teenage rebellion for me, since I came from a family that didn’t really prioritize that. Today food is both passion and work for me, but it is also my biggest vulnerability, as I’ve previously suffered from an eating disorder.

How do you incorporate 'food as medicine' into your daily life?

I have been eating according to the bean protocol principles for some years now, and therefore I do not take supplements as it isn't a part of the protocol. But I still have my things I turn to when feeling sick or depleted. I turn to a good cup of sencha and the ACTIVIST Mānuka Immune Elixir. And I have a wooden teaspoon full of ACTIVIST 850+ MGO every morning.

Tips for staying inspired in the kitchen when cooking for your family?

I enjoy having a rather limited selection of ingredients in the kitchen and then trying to come up with a tasty dish with whatever is at my disposal. I find it way more fun and satisfying than following a recipe.

As we eat only biodynamic or organically grown food; it is a bit expensive, but then we also eat what we have in the fridge and never throw out food. I think it inspires me very much, when we stick to a simple ingredient list and when we have to figure out a dish with whatever we have in the house.

What are your pantry staples?

Canned fish, eggs, lentils, beans and some sort of kale or cabbage.

Finding time in the kitchen can be challenging with little ones – how do you make time?

It is the first place I go when I put our little daughter in my husband's arms or when they are out for a walk - also before I choose to sleep, take a shower or do some yoga.

What's your go to recipe when you're having people over for a meal?

Butterbeans with white fish, a good olive oil and sourdough bread

Right now my go to is to eat my ACTIVIST Mānuka Honey on top of a bowl with goat kefir, fresh walnuts, a pinch of sea salt and a splash of olive oil

How do you like to incorporate ACTIVIST Mānuka Honey into your daily rituals?

I really enjoy having my Raw Mānuka Honey 850+MGO spoonful every morning on an empty stomach, and then our weekend treat is to have homemade oat waffles with the Mānuka for Munchkins and freshly squeezed lemon juice.