Transition your Immune System from Summer to Autumn

By Activist
November 16, 2021

Transition your Immune System  from Summer to Autumn
The culmination of summer is upon us. Dusky warm beach swims and ever present travel fever are starting to quiet down. We move inwards as autumn approaches. Days get shorter, nights get longer, for some of us, our little ones are back to school and work vacations simmer down. But as the seasons shift, so do our bodies. Our immune systems start to experience stressful changes, and without the proper defenses, we come down with those pesky run-down colds and illnesses. This is not the best way to begin autumn. Here are some of our quintessential tips for keeping your immune system healthy while transitioning seasons.

A spoonful of honey is the medicine of choice

Mānuka honey has been proven to have efficacy against antibiotic-resistant microbes, promoting its healing powers against pathogens internally and externally. When sick, it can alleviate sore throats, help soothe coughs and improve common cold symptoms. Mānuka also helps people with acute sinus problems and allergies. You can put some honey in your morning coffee or tea, as a replacement for processed sugar, throw a big dollop into a smoothie, mix it with warm lemon and ginger or just do what the Kiwi’s do, and eat a giant spoonful as is!

Ground down with lymphatic draining exercise

It is important avoid stagnation to keep the immune system running smoothly. We do this by focusing on lymphatic drainage, which helps remove toxins from the body. Rebounding, yoga and frequent walks are wonderful ways to keep circulation moving. Most importantly, don’t let the change in temperature keep you inside. It’s always vital for your overall health to stay connected to nature. Go walk barefoot on the beach or through the woods, or take your dog for your a walk. If you have kids, make going outside a priority family activity, such as going to pick apples or frolicking around a pumpkin patch.

Seasonal eating

As the seasons shift, so do the plants around us, as they begin grounding down for the winter ahead. We notice a shifting harvest from vibrant berries and leafy greens to root vegetables, mushrooms and traditional fruits. We love how the colors of autumn fruits and vegetables often mimic the orange, yellow, red and green hues of leaves. Eating seasonally keeps your body attune with the rhythm of the earth. It is also one of the best ways to contribute positively to environment sustainability. Go to your local farmers market or do research on what foods are available seasonally in your area. One of our favorite vegetables, artichoke, is especially beneficial during this time for its liver cleansing and detoxifying properties.


Now is the time to start taking adaptogenic herbs to help your body adapt to the stress of the changing seasons. Even if we think we are healthy, it is always important to have that back-up to enforce proper immune function during stressful times. We recommend adaptogenic mushrooms such as turkey tail for immune function, reishi for stress and astragalus to avoid sickness.


Even with a perfectly healthy diet, our soil is not as nutrient dense as our bodies need. Supplemental vitamins and minerals can be very helpful to give your body an extra boost. During this seasonal transition, vitamin c is a lifesaver. Ester C and Liposomal are the highest quality are the market! If you are a vegan, make sure to especially up your doses of b12 and zinc. And lastly, we recommend drinking heaps of autumn herbal teas such as nettle, which is rich in nutrients and iron; red clover, for its blood cleansing abilities; and olive leaf, for its anti-bacterial properties.

For kids

Here are a few tips for parents to help keep their kids from getting sick while transitioning back to school and into an environment of germs!

  • Take one spoonful of elderberry syrup along with Mānuka honey a day to help ward away sickness.
  • Check your local health market or pharmacy for youth doses of Ester C, as vitamin c is key to keeping kid’s immune systems healthy.
  • Carry sanitary wipes and eco-friendly hand sanitizer everywhere to wash your children’s hands.
  • Diffuse essential oils throughout the house and in the little ones’ rooms such as lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon, orange and/or rosemary.