Jessica Mau

By Activist
December 30, 2022

Jessica Mau photographed for ACTIVIST

Jessica Mau @jmaumau
All photographs by Nastassia Brückin for ACTIVIST

What is natural beauty to you?
"Not hiding and being seen."
— Jessica Mau

What do you spend your time doing?

Lately most of my time is spent being a mom.

Favorite flower:


What are personal values that you believe in:

Compassion and empathy.

A song or band from your formative teenage years that still resonates with you today and why:

Chasing Waterfalls by TLC.

Fire, Earth, Water, Air?


DIY skill you possess or want to learn:

Gosh so many, raising a confident child, homeschooling, languages, mycoremediation, the power of plants and planets, and so many more.

If you could change one thing about the world right now, what would it be:

Climate change.

Movement, meditation or ritual you engage with:

Sun salutations, sauna and neighborhood mountain walks.

Eco-therapy; how do you like to be involved with Mother Nature?

Walk barefoot on the earth.

How do you use ACTIVIST Mānuka Honey?

A spoonful everyday.

What is natural beauty to you?

Not hiding and being seen.

How do you try and keep your life uncomplicated?

I try not to overthink.

Favorite recipe to cook for friends?

Oven roasted Japanese yams and a simple little gems salad.

A challenge in your life that you have overcome:

The growing pains of shedding an old value system and building a new one.

Is there something you are passionate about at present or want to bring light onto a particular subject?

I am intrigued by the world of mycelium and how they can help humankind and our planet.