ACTIVIST Ceramic Citrus Juicer

French Green ACTIVIST Ceramic Citrus Juicer
Bottom of French Green ACTIVIST Citrus Juicer showing pottery mark
Plaster Pink ACTIVIST Citrus Juicer
Bottom of Plaster Pink ACTIVIST Citrus Juicer showing pottery mark
French Green Ceramic Citrus Juicer, Plaster Pink Ceramic Coffee Cup and Satin Eggshell Blue Ceramic Honey Bowl
  • Ceramic
  • For ACTIVIST by Gidon Bing

Handmade in New Zealand for ACTIVIST by sculptor Gidon Bing.


The juicer fits snugly in the hand and is designed to accommodate everything from limes to grapefruit. Its sharp ridges, optimal spout, ergonomic and simple form makes juicing a pleasure. The perfect accompaniment for an ACTIVIST Mānuka Honey, ginger and lemon tea.


2.75 inches tall / 5.75 inches wide. French Green, Plaster Pink, White or Eggshell Blue colorways.

  • Handmade in New Zealand
  • 2.75 x 5.75"
  • Four Colorways
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